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PharmaPhD is developing cost-effective and easy-to-use oral delivering therapeutic products

Our History


When Dr. Arocha was a pre-medical school student he learned that his father was in danger of losing all of his teeth due to periodontal disease.  The only available option was an expensive surgical procedure with no guaranteed results. Dr. Arocha was stunned to learn that there was not an antibiotic on the market to treat his father’s periodontal infection.  He changed his major from biology to a dual major in biochemistry and microbiology and set about finding a solution to this dilemma.

At Temple University’s School of Dentistry, Dr. Arocha studied under Dr. Thomas Rams[1], a professor and Director of the Oral Microbiology Testing Service Laboratory.  Dr. Rams is considered to be a leader in the field of non-surgical periodontal therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease and his work has been referenced by the makers of Arestin®, the current market leader in this field.


Dr. Arocha was able to save his father’s teeth as a young dentist and over a decade later, still sees the hope, determination and passion that drove him to find a non-surgical periodontal therapy.


PharmaPhD is about more than just creating delivery systems to treat oral disease.  PharmaPhD was born; in essence, to provide patients with hope in saving their teeth, taking away the psychological trauma that comes with the news that one’s teeth must be removed.  Our vision doesn’t stop within the borders of the United States.  At PharmaPhD we want to reach out and help the millions of patients worldwide who suffer from oral disease.



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