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Ground Level

Better and faster innovations and technology to help millions of people worldwide live healthier lives

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Nobel Innovations Made by Doctors at The Ground Level

Our primary business focus since inception in 2014 has been the development of an increasing number of patents on local anesthetics and periodontal methods and systems from the USPTO, fortifying numerous innovations across numerous niche markets including periodontal, local anesthesia drug, nanoparticles drug formulation, and periodontal Ai software development for diagnoses and planning for a digital customer treatment journey.

Our company's intellectual property derives its value from its high barriers to entry, specialized knowledge in know-how nanoparticles formulation technology, its utility comparison, global growth market opportunity, legal patent protection, and new and upcoming anticancer nanoparticles formulation technology. 

Cloud-based Software

Our Unique and exceptionally artificial intelligence and data software development on periodontal technology, turning insights into action for clinicians and patients.

Versatility in Anesthetics Injectons

Local anesthetics are considered some of the safest and most effective drugs used in medicine for pain management.

Our mixing carpule technology makes dental injections low-cost, less painful, faster-acting, and more reliable.


Our rapidly developing formulation technology where materials in the nanoscale range are employed to serve as means of delivering therapeutic agents to specific targeted sites in a controlled manner.

First-of-its-kind Periodontal Device

We can’t ignore the fact that across the globe, periodontitis is the single most prevalent chronic infectious disease.

Our novel periodontal methods and system are expected to reshape nearly every aspect of localized periodontal therapy with the potential to significantly impact the global market.

Nanoparticle Formulation Technology

Prefilled & Disposable Medical Device Solutions

Our primary business focus is the development of products for niche markets where there remains a significant unmet dental and medical need while few of our candidate products focus on novel indications and unprecedented labeling claims to differentiate our products from competitors.

We have developed substantially all of our resources since we began operation in 2012 to research and development in periodontal, anesthetics, nanoparticle formulation drugs, and prefilled medical device products.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers & Technology


Years of Experience


Finished Products


Candidate Products


Medical Device FDA Clearance (as a stand alone device)



Our latest growth

We understand FDA legislative issues, but more importantly, we keep up to date on various policy

With our finished and candidate product's comprehensive regulatory strategies in hand, we fully understand the expectations, carefully evaluate potential hurdles, and create master plans to proactively address them early in development.

Our master plan informs the entire development program. For example, elements from the regulatory strategic documents drive the medical device and drug plans, identifying issues that affect both design requirements and the associated budget.


Having a good understanding of the clinical, and technical development requirements—as well as timelines, achievable commercial claims, risks, and regulatory mechanisms to enhance product value and accelerated approval pathways are extremely helpful in designing an efficient early development pathway, assessing the value of the product, and knowing how far our company can proceed before needing additional financing or a partner.

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