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Our Mission

To contribute to human welfare by application of biotechnology methods and systems in the research and design of formulation technology and medical device innovations that help people live healthier lives

Our Story

Our Full Story

As a pre-med student at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Arocha, then known as “Max,” was sitting at the dinner table with his parents.  As his mother, Maritza, served dinner, his father, Mike, delivered devastating news.  He could either lose all of his teeth or try a $5,000 surgery that wasn’t a guarantee.  Mike, only 50 years old at the time, had periodontal disease.


Max found it unfathomable that there wasn’t an antibiotic to treat his father’s periodontal infection.  Max changed his major from biology to a dual major in biochemistry and microbiology, inspired by the idea of helping his father and others like him.


At Temple University’s School of Dentistry, Max studied under Dr. Rams, a professor, and Director of the Oral Microbiology Testing Service Laboratory at Temple University’s School of Dentistry.  Dr. Rams is considered the “guru” of non-surgical periodontal therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease.


As a dentist, Dr. Arocha has been able to save his father’s teeth.  Others haven’t been as fortunate, often having as many as 20 infected teeth extracted.


Looking in the mirror now, over a decade later, Dr. Arocha sees himself with graying hair.  Past his hair, he still sees the hope, determination and passion that drove him to find a non-surgical periodontal therapy.


PharmaPhD is about more than just creating local antibiotic systems to treat periodontal disease.  PharmaPhD was born, in essence, to provide patients with hope about saving their teeth, taking away the psychological trauma that comes with the news that one’s teeth cannot be saved.


In Plantation, Florida, Dr. Arocha has been able to help hundreds of patients a year with periodontal disease.  His vision doesn’t stop within the borders of Florida.  Dr. Arocha wants to reach out to help the millions of patients worldwide, like his father, who suffer from periodontal disease.

Our passionate nanoparticle formulation team members are composed of Ph.D. scientists in Pharmacy and years of relevant experience in product development and a successful track record of regulatory submissions.

Our medical device department of mechanical engineers and team members takes a significant amount of effort to deliver the right healthcare solution that meets customer demands. A right healthcare solution demands a strong scope definition from the end user’s need at the ground level and adherence to specifications and requirements extracted from product definition, simultaneously mitigating risks and sticking to the best possible quality.

Our regulatory team members have over 30 years of experience in the medical device and drug industry. Our areas of expertise include quality systems, regulatory submissions (FDA and ISO), product and process validation, FDA and ISO audits and certification, as well as post-market compliance. Our team members have prepared and obtained FDA 510(k) clearances for devices from the Cardiovascular, Neurology, General and Plastic Surgery, Ear, Nose, and Throat panels of the FDA.

Experienced Ph.D Scientists and Engineer Team Members

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