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Dive Into the New Age of Nanoparticle Formulation and Medical AI

Better & Faster Biotechnology

Cloud Based Medical Software Development

We have Al diagnoses and planning software products for healthcare professionals. AI diagnosis software supports doctors to gather and analyze data for better, quicker, and more accurate diagnoses.


For example, our reinvented periodontal care candidate product, PerioAi, through artificial intelligence, data insights, and medical devices is aim to disrupt the periodontal diagnosis and landscape and open up new ways to shape the periodontal market.

Nanoparticle Formulation Technology

We leverage our product development expertise and core technology to reduce the high cost and risks associated with conducting basic research on new chemical entities, we evaluate readily available compounds that can be reformulated for oncology and periodontal treatment and generally have a known safety and efficacy profile. This approach results in faster drug development and significantly reduces the regulatory approval timelines.

Our periodontal finished products comprise PLGA polymer-based nanoparticle drugs for subgingival application. PLGA is an FDA-approved biodegradable polymer and highly biocompatible.

Other nanoparticle pharmaceutical product candidates in earlier stages of development include oral and intravenous drugs. Our Ph.Ds formulation scientists help improve biocompatibility and toxicity, drug loading and release, nanoparticle storage and stability, biodistribution, selectivity towards the target organs or tissues, internalization in cells, and biodegradability.

These represent the main checkpoints to define our polymer-based formulation as safe and effective. Indeed, our formulation experience and expertise provide guidelines that can be followed in the early development of a new nanotherapeutic to hopefully increase the success rate of polymer-based formulations entering clinical trials.

Versatility in Anesthetic Injections

Our patented technology and business objective is to reduce pain and efficiency of dental local anesthetic injections for patients. Our primary focus is on the development, regulatory approval, and commercialization of an improved local dental anesthetic drug that is less painful, faster-acting, and more reliable.

Our success is based on the comprehensive development of a winning regulatory strategy to help build a crucial framework for the overall development plan and aid in determining the fastest execution.

PerioAi for Diagnosis & Digital Ecosystem Software

Our research effort holds promise for tangible developments that can change the face of the periodontal market. Our active projects include studies on better, fast, and more accurate periodontal diagnosis as an advanced platform of digital treatment.

Our patented technology is set up to revolutionize the periodontal market with our dedication to "helping people live longer" by applying advanced logarithms and patented technology for diagnosing, managing, and maintaining healthy gums for life.

Since 2012, our passion to solve many of the most fundamental challenges in nearly every aspect of periodontal care used to depend on how its transformative potential was channeled and implemented under our master regulatory strategy. Our periodontal technologies are reshaping the potential to significantly impact the entire periodontal workflow.

Our periodontal Ai method and systems and their corresponding innovation enable not only periodontal diagnosis at the point of care but provide unconventional digital assistance in the development of a high-precision and comprehensive periodontal care.

Our algorithms are been developed with insights from leading periodontists at the growth level, extensive periodontal scientific literature, and existing clinical practice guidelines.

Our first of it kind clinical data-based detectors search for the same signs of disease as a clinician, so we know how the PerioAi came to its decision.

We develop and integrate FDA regulated software, drug nanoparticles formulation and medical devices with the end user  ecosystem

Medical diagnosis and planning AI software is taken the healthcare industry by storm. Our business focus is on improved drugs, new diagnostic and planning methods, drug delivery systems, and medical devices that offer the hope of better treatment and care

Empower Growth

In 2023, we received FDA clearance on our first standalone medical device. In 2024 we are expected to receive FDA approval for our first three finished periodontal drug products.


As our team prepares for success to meet the high demand for periodontal disease around the Globe, we continue working on expanding our clean facility room in Florida to meet expected demand domestic and international demand.

In the U.S., “one out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Across the globe, periodontal disease is the single most prevalent chronic infectious disease. 

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